Hardening Kubernetes Containers Security with Seccomp

Erez Fishimer,Alexei Kravtsov
Erez Fishimer and Alexei Kravtsov

Friday, August 13th, 2021

Seccomps - An often overlooked way to harden Kubernetes containers’ security is by applying seccomp profiles. Customizing seccomp profiles, in effect, provides a deeply embedded line of defense that adds a layer of protection to your application in case of breach. Ever-increasing interconnections between applications, increased reliance on external service providers, and security risks in open-source images makes restricting seccomp profiles crucial to improving cloud-native security. In our eBook we detail:

  • Why Seccomp is essential to Kubernetes security
  • How to increase Kubernetes’ security with Seccomp
  • The issues with manually adding Seccomp policies to Kubernetes
  • The simple way to integrate Seccomp into your Kubernetes security strategy

Download the Seccomps eBook here! No registration required.

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