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Automatically integrate security into every stage of the application lifecycle, so you can get to market sooner
“Existing security solutions we had in our environment couldn’t address our transition to modern microservice-based applications. Working with Panoptica, Cisco Secure Application Cloud, we were able to insert security controls into our complex environment seamlessly for secure application deployment and connectivity.”

Nikolas Mousorous

Marlow Navigation

“With over 200 K8s clusters, the Webex platform organization has been fighting legacy non k8s aware security tooling for years resulting in a mix of tooling and incomplete threat visibility. Panoptica allows us to focus on the biggest threats in Kubernetes. It enables us to govern and manage the landscape of over 100s of Kubernetes clusters and 10s of micro-service teams in a single tool.”

Mercion Wilathgamuwage

Principal Engineer - Webex Cloud Native Platform

Securing Cloud Native App Dev Lifecycle from Code to Cloud

Drive security automation through the application development process, empowering Dev to assess/build security policies from the IDE, Terraform and Gitops tooling.

Agentless Kubernetes-Based Deployment Approach

Simplified deployment with deep, real-time visibility and enforcement Panoptica's agentless approach, with a single Kubernetes admission controller, offers simplified deployment without trade-offs in security controls. It provides real-time automated enforcement in runtime, and deep visibility into application context & compute resources in Kubernetes and container deployments.

Software Supply Chain Security

Deep dive of all workloads through vulnerability analysis down to the image layer, SBOM analysis, as well as code signing, ensuring validity of the applications from Build through runtime.

Comprehensive API Security

Deep insights into API inventory, immediate risk assessment and remediation including OWASP API Security Top 10. Holistic API security covering infrastructure & application logic.


Panoptica integrates with the tools you rely on to unify your observability and ensure teams are alerted when incidents occur.

Cisco is committed to open source and is contributing to several projects across AI/ML, API security, observability, network automation and more. Panoptica has open sourced two innovative components of its product: APIClarity and KubeClarity.

API Clarity, a cloud native visibility tool for APIs, utilizes a service mesh framework to capture and analyze API traffic, and identify potential risks. Get started with APIClarity today via Github.

KubeClarity, a Kubernetes Runtime Vulnerability Scanner. Start measuring your Kubernetes runtime vulnerabilities now with KubeClarity, available on Github.

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Up to 15 nodes, 1 cluster

Up to 15 nodes, 1 cluster

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